Autumn Celebration Stew


Onion Chop

Garlic 4 cloves chop

Olive oil 45ml

Potato 3 small chop

Carrot 2 chop round

Paprika 30 ml

Tumeric 10 - 30 ml

water/vegieStock 240 ml

Can Tomato, crush or dice .8L

Bay Leaves 2

Wine, dry red 240 ml

Green Beans 200 ml

corn frozen 200 ml

sweet peas frozen 200 ml

Other frozen veggies 100 ml each

mushroom sliced  (my wife likes more than one)



Sauté onion & garlic in olive oil

stir in potato, carrot, paprika. tumeric - sauté 3 or 4 min

add stock, tomato, bay leaf, wine

cover & simmer on low 10 min

add green beans & mushroom (or mushrooms)

simmer 15 min more

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