“Big Easy” Beans

600ml  beans  

2.1L  water (5 if CrockPot)

1 Bay leaf

45ml Soy Sauce

Onion Chop

1 celery Chop

2ml tumeric

3ml Ground Cumin

4ml Ground corriander

45ml oil

480ml - 1 L  cooked Br  rice

Beans>boil>sim+soy sauce & bayleaf - 

then Saute veg+spices+oil > to beans

sim 2-3 hrs

As the cooking progresses, I use a potato masher to help mash some of the beans in the pot because I think that helps meld the flavors better and provide even more texture to the meal.

Usually press a few cloves of garlic over the top of the final product before removing from pot.

Chopped white onions are nice to add to the beans after they have been placed on top of the rice in the plate.

Sometimes I pitch in a small can of Rotel Chopped Tomatoes with chilies about thirty minutes from serving.

Back to The Table

This can also be cooked with canned beans.

Using the same ingredients, saute the onion, celery and spices in a Dutch Oven.  I will usually add some chopped bell pepper and Rotel Chopped Tomaotes with chilies.  Then add two cans of pinto beans that have been mostly drained.