Grits, Y’all
I eat grits like I would a rice, pasta or potato meal. The staple (grits, in this case) becomes the carrier for the other stuff which gives it the flavor and enjoyment. I once had a yankee from Ohio over for breakfast. He agreed to try grits "one time". He wouldn't put anything in it. That's like fixing up a good mess of rice to eat by itself, or eating a sandwich with nothing between the bread slices.
Grits, 1/4 cup Quick Grits (better yet, go to health food store and get organic grits) add 8 oz
NOTE: none of these measurements are critical ­ play with them!
Add 10ml of turmeric & always add some cayenne.   
Shake oregano flakes on top
5 to 80 drops of Tabasco Sauce. (how awake are you now, 
and how awake do you want to be?)
Tablespoon (15 ml) of powdered flax seed (GREAT omega 3!)
Cheddar cheese, 1 to 2 oz. (tofu cheese is a great idea, 
either in place of, or along with the other cheese) 
but ANY kind of cheese is always good with grits.
Press one clove of garlic on top of the cheese.
Salsa, (or Taco Sauce)1 tsp to 1 TBS. (Or as desired, or may be omitted.)
ALWAYS add some ginger and vinegar ­ this helps turn this meal into a great tonic.
(I usually put powdered ginger, about 10 ml, and vinegar - 15 ml or so on top of the garlic on top of the cheese)

Also good with poached egg. Place egg on plate, or on bread, pour grits over. Great with an omelet, especially on a rainy Sunday morning. Serve with a glass of white wine if snow is on the ground outside. 
Good eaten either before or after some whole wheat toast, English muffin, toasted bagel, covered with honey or cream cheese or jelly or jam.
I usually eat one slice of toast or a quarter bagel with honey and powdered cinnamon on it, then the grits. After that, I'm good until late in the afternoon.
Place two eggs in cup, add Kikkoman soy sauce, 
Chululu pepper sauce, turmeric 10 ml,  and 
powdered annoto seeds.  Scramble.
Chop red onion, bell pepper, tomato.
Slice two slices of cheese (or three or four or more)
Warm 15 ml olive oil in skillet, add onion, bell pepper and tomato
Warm another fry pan with a 5 ml olive oil and pat of butter. when butter melts add egg mixture.
Add 5 ml vinegar to onion, pepper, tomato mixture
When fry pan is warm, add egg mixture.  Let begin to set. When almost set, flip over.
Add cheese, then add onion, bell pepper and tomato, reserving a tablespoon full.
Flip half of egg mixture over other half, let cook for 30 seconds, then flip to other side.
Grate hard cheese on top of omelet, add reserved innards, add oregano flakes, remove and eat.

Once while visiting in Xania, Greece, I ordered an omelet for breakfast 
and was brought what I thought was a pizza.  Actually it was just an 
“unfolded” omelet. Every once in a while I will make a “Xania Omelet”  
as a surprise for guests. It is colorful and the tastes seem intensified.
Now usually, when making a “normal” omelet, I will reserve some of 
the innards and after the omelet has been closed and flipped over
I will place them on top of the finished omelet after it is on the plate
and will then sprinkle it with a dash of oregano and parmesan cheese.

Oatmeal, either “rolled” or “steel cut”.  I like both and even mix them together sometimes.

Start a hotpot to boil water while

adding 6 rounded tablespoons (200 ml) of

oatmeal to a large coffee mug

Then add 1 TBS (15ml) blueberries or raisins

to the oatmeal

And add 1 TBS (15 ml) chopped walnuts or


Sprinkle powdered cinnamon on the oatmeal

add a TBS (15ml) of honey

Pour boiling water in mug and stir.

Then let sit for about 5 to 6 minutes and add

1 to 2 TBS (15 to 30ml) of milk

I often toast 1/2 of a slice of bread

then add butter and grape jelly on it.

Eating this helps while waiting for the oatmeal to cool



Well, the BEST breakfasts served anywhere in the whole world are the breakfasts that are served in Germany.

I remember one in Heidelberg that was brought into our room on a circular platter three feet across and filled with “breakfast”.

My “German-Style” is a pitiful attempt when compared with one of the originals, but I like to try it about once a week

One hard-cooked egg (I slice mine to put salt and pepper on it)

Add slices of cheese - I use any kind of cheese

then slices of cold cuts.  Ham, salami, etc.

Now, get the BEST bread you have in the house and put butter on one and good mustard on the other.   Jelly will probably show up somewhere to go with the butter, the mustard will go well with the lunchmeat and cheese.  Try to get at least two kinds of cheese (including Swiss) and two kinds of lunchmeat (including ham).

How to hard-cook an egg? 

Put some eggs from the refrigerator in a cold empty pan.  Cover eggs with cold water.  Cover pan, bring to boil.  Remove from heat and let sit 20 minutes.  Then cool in cold running water.

Begin with a banana.  Start eating it as you assemble the breakfast.  Usually it is about half eaten by the time the bowl is prepared.

Place about a handful of dry cereal flakes in the bottom of the bowl.  Add about a handful of Muesli, if desired, then add a generous handful of granola tidbits.  Sprinkle in about a TBS (15 ml) of flax seed.

Add some  raisins or blueberries (15ml or so), and nuts like almonds or walnuts, Sprinkle a lot of cinnamon on top, add about a tablespoon (15 ml) of honey,  Finally, slice the rest of the banana and add that.  Any peaches or strawberries are also enjoyable.  Now add milk and enjoy.

I like UNCLE SAM cereal for flakes because it has soluble fibre.  What’s so special about Soluble Fibre?




(But you gotta get started

the night before!) Click HERE!

Scrambled Eggs

Just a couple of eggs, broken into a bowl or cup.

I like to add some tumeric, then scramble.

The eggs go into a warm skillet with 1/2 tsp of olive oil.  Then a spatula can begin to slowly pull through the eggs, giving them an opportunity to warm and cook a bit. 

I will add some cheese, bits of chopped onion, chopped bell pebber, chopped tomato as I continue to slowly cook the eggs.  This is a good time to add a small amount of salt.

I also added a small amount of already-cooked meat, in this case a small bratwurst that was warmed in the microwave and then chopped and added.

Eggs - 2

Olive Oil 4-5 ml

Tumeric 3-4 ml

Cheese, sliced - enough

Onion, Bell Pepper, Tomato, perhaps 5 ml each - all chopped

Left-over cooked meat - enough


Ever since our trip to Belgium in 2011, we have

been very interested in waffles.  There, they serve them a in envelopes with powdered

sugar and so on to eat while walking along thosebeautiful streets.  But here, I use frozen waffles, and often put frozen blueberries on top of them before putting them in the toaster.

Then put a nice amount of good organic maple

syrup in the microwave for about 10 - 15 seconds (add butter if you don’t care).  Then you have a great breakfast!