Measuring Up

It’s easy to get a handy dandy set of measuring spoons, all fastened together.  Problem is that things you need to measure don’t fit well together on a spoon.  First you measure oil, then flour, then honey or molasses, then water, then salt and so on and you got a mess.   Also you may need to use one of the spoons every time in one recipe and the others are just dead weight - and they still need washing.

SO - get a LOT of measuring spoons.  Get at least three or four of each size.  Separate them if they are stuck together and toss them into a container in one of your drawers. 

The US, Libya, and Burma are the only countries that still use the “Standard” measurements of teaspoon, tablespoon, ounce, cup, pint, quart, etc.  EVERYBODY else uses the metric system.   So do I.  A lot of my recipes are in both standard and metric so Americans, Libyans and Burmese can use them  too.  But the metric system is the only way to go.  That’s the way I go.  Come along with me.