Pasta with Broccoli

                       Serves four

1 # shells or Rotini twists

8 to 10 Broccoli heads, sliced in half or quartered

6 Garlic cloves mince

1/2 C olive oil (240ml)

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1/4 C Roma/Parma/Hard cheese (60 ml)

Olive Oil for drizzling

Boil pasta

Sauté broccoli & garlic in Olive Oil & Pepper,

add 1 or 2 spoonfuls of water from pasta to


Drain pasta in colander

Put pasta on plate, add broccoli/garlic, grate Parmesan Cheese, then drizzle olive oil over dinner.  Serve.

Serve with salad and baguette with garlic and butter.

Wine:  Preferably North Carolina wines such as Duplin’s Sweet Hatteras or Scuppernong.

   There are other sweet grape wines and otherwise use a nice German Riesling or Liebfraumilch.