To Please the Bees.

A chapbook.  About 60 pages with 30 poems, 5 “glimpses” into  some of the things which sometimes happen in the journey we call life.   Twenty pictures, usually photographs, sometime sketches, six are in color, and others are black and white to celebrate that own special joy of tone and contrast. The book sells for $9.95 plus shipping and is available only by Print on Demand from Soliloquy Press.  To order a copy, contact John Womack at and provide your name and mailing address.  A copy will be mailed to you with an invoice. 

Both the poems and comments try to describe everyday events, but but also endeavor to peek beyond that which we see at first, and try to detect and understand what is transpiring behind that which is presented to us.  The writing seeks to describe moods, feelings and discovery.  The purpose of the book is not to provide answers but to raise questions in the minds of its readers.

The author is not a traditional poet - that is evident from the first page - but he tries to present a different vision of what he thinks poetry “should” do, and sometimes changes the “poetry discipline”  intrapoem so that its structure changes to match a changing  mood.  In one or two cases a poem will begin with one type of structure and end with another after experiencing a change of mood or feeling.  Does this work?  That is one more question the book asks that the author cannot answer.   Another aspect the author is using is that of the graphic presentation of some of the poems as they lie on the page in addition to its structure as a poem, and all this accompanied with a mystical look at the world we live in.