I use Greenleaf or Redleaf lettuce or Romaine

No Iceberg

Bottom layer of bowl (and if it is going to be tossed, the order doesn’t matter).

Lettuce leaves, torn in 1 to 3 inch segments

Red or green cabbage pieces, sliced and partly chopped

Then add chopped

    carrots, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion slices, scallions,

        and so on and so on as inspired or led.

    Be bold and toss in some chopped almonds or walnuts, even one or two pistachio nuts (un-hulled).

    Bolder yet, toss in some chopped dried dates, apricots or raisins

Next add a little chopped/shredded mustard, turnip or creasy green leaves.

(you don’t have to put ALL of this in)

Sprinkle oregano flakes on top.  also add

    olive slices

    pumpkin seeds

    sliced tomato

    and so on


    Most commercial dressings are yuckie - heavy in salt and off-flavor oils

    I usually use olive oil - extra virgin of course, Spanish is excellent.

    Add vinegar sprinkles(white is really good) but balsamic is better, and red            wine vinegar is excellent.

    I like to add a spoonful of Tahini.

    You can add a blessing of sesame seeds.

Sprinkle on top of salad some blue cheese, roquefort, shredded parmesan or feta crumbles.

Eat slowly with mucho gusto

can be eaten before, after, or AS the meal

NOTE: If eaten AS the meal, I like to add chopped or sliced hard-cooked egg

Sometimes I toss in a little bacon or pepperoni or a bit of crumbled sausage for a “surprise” taste to raise my eyebrows a little.