Slicing and Dicing

1.  Good Cutting Board.   The canvas  for your masterpieces.  The place where all your great meals begin and end.

2. A Serrated Bread Knife (top) for cutting all that good bread you will begin using.  Also great for certain fruits (grapefruit, etc.).

3. French Chef’s Knife (2nd down) for chopping veggies, fruits and nuts without grinding your knuckles into the cutting board

4.  Serrated Veggie Knife (third down).  Especially great for tomatoes, etc.

5.  Paring Knife (bottom).  Great for lots of small work.  I use Paring Knife and Chef’s Knife most of all.

When finished using the knife, I wash it separately, dry it with

a cloth or paper towel and put it back in the knife rack.