Spaghetti Sauce

  Olive oil,  30ml (2Tbs)

  Anotto seeds or crushed powder 15ml (1 Tbs)                    

  Garlic,   2 cloves, chopped              

  Onion, chopped   

  Chili powder, 3 ml (3/4 oz)    

  Tumeric, 3ml (3/4 oz)      

   Sambhar, 2ml (1/2 oz)        

   Fennel seed, 3ml (3/4oz)     

  Oregano, 3ml, (3/4 oz)     

  Pepper, bell1/3 to 1/2

  Vinegar, white, 30 ml (2 Tbs)    

  Tomato paste, 135ml  (3Tbs) More, if needed

  Tomatoes, Stewed or crushed 2 cans (800 - 900ml)

  Tomatoes, Rotel® brand

Warm oil, with or without anotto seeds, add chopped garlic,

sauté 3 min, add chopped onion, sauté on warm 5 min. 

Add all spices and vinegar, stir for 1 min, add tomato

paste, stir one minute to create a paste.  Add chopped bell pepper

sauté for 3 min.  Add tomato sauce, stir

and heat to boiling, lower hear and let cook at or

below simmer for 30 min.