Spiritual Philosophy

The unprejudiced, innocent and curious study resulting from the observation and exploration of Life.

Any scientist whose instruments are defective will not understand his or her experiments. In our own experiment of life we tend to rely on instruments which have been intentionally designed to distort. It is as if our microscope stands were tilted, our telescope lenses intentionally misaligned or our weight scales were designed to provide erratic readings. The instruments we use most often in our own experiments of life are those religious beliefs, governmental principles, and economic models that we accept as being true, verified and calibrated, but which really function as those misaligned lenses, tilted bases and erratic readings.

Spiritual Philosophy intends to question for the purpose of finding better questions and to avoid answers and facts. It seeks a unification of science and art, logic and intuition. It is content to define Life simply as "a Sacred Mystery" to be explored as a continually unfolding enrichment. It presumes Life is present throughout the universe and beyond, that all Life is joined and connected together, and that Life is an eternal relationship with the universe and that which may lie beyond. Nothing presented here is intended as an endorsement or answer to anything, but only as an input to the great Philosophic Enquiry and Democratic Dialog which is concerned with the meaning of Life. This is not an answer we seek, but a great party in which we are privileged to participate.