John was born in Vicksburg Mississippi in 1934.  He moved as a teen-ager to southern Illinois where he worked as a field hand on farms.  He spent summers as a laborer for the railroad, later as a clerk.  Attended Southern Illinois University, graduating with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration in 1956.

He was commissioned a lieutenant in United States Air Force, and during the next twenty-one years served as Navigator, Instructor Navigator, Missile Crew Commander, where he launched a Titan II ICBM from Vandenberg, AFB in California, then as an Operations Officer and Senior Mission Director he directed B-52 strikes in Vietnam.  He completed three tours to Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and completed military service as Financial Control Officer.   Complete Military Biography here.

After receiving an MBA in 1976, he taught business courses in colleges in Ohio, Florida and Georgia. He served as Chairman of the Business Department for Thomas College (now Thomas University in Thomasville, GA) for two years as it achieved certification.

Womack then worked for the State of Florida as Budget Officer for its Building Construction and Property Management division, then was the chief auditor of the Charitable Solicitations department of the Secretary of State’s office, finally became Supervisor of Accounting Services in the Comptroller’s Office. 

After retirement in 1993, he moved to the North Carolina mountains where he continued to teach college courses in management, accounting, economics, administration and other business related courses as an adjunct professor, including the implementation of instruction to several campuses by the use of television. 

He established his own photographic art gallery and taught nature photography.  He has presented lectures, slide shows, field trips, and participated in seminars concerning hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains and nature photography.  He has been published as a writer in newspaper and magazine articles and has had three books published.

Now living in Hickory, NC, he is married to JoAnn Womack and they are parents of five children and an increasing number of grandchildren.  He and his wife enjoy traveling both in this country and overseas.