John H. Womack, Jr., Major (Ret.) USAF. 1956: BA, Liberal Arts, Southern Illinois University. Dec 57: Graduated Harlingen AFB, TX. Jun 58: graduated from K-system (B-47) bombing school at Mather AFB, CA. 1958-63: Langley AFB, VA, 427 AREFSQ, KB-50, navigator, instructor & standboard; 1959: commissioned Regular Air Force. 1963-68: Little Rock AFB, AR, 308 SMS, Titan II, Instructor MCCC (Crew Commander) at Alternate Command Post.  1968-71: Minot AFB, ND, 906 AREFSQ, KC-135, including Young Tiger deployments to CCK, Taiwan, & Utapao, Thailand, instructor navigator. 1971-73: Statesboro AFS, GA, 3901 Combat Evaluation Group, served two six-month Skyspot tours as Senior Mission Director and operations officer in Ubon, Udorn, Bien Hoa, Son Tra, Da Nang, Tan Son Nhut, MACV HQ. 1973-76: Rickenbacker AFB, OH, 301 ARS, KC-135, instructor navigator, then Financial Management Control Officer for NAF. Retired in 1976 as Master Navigator and Senior Missileer.

Major Womack was MCCC (commander) of a crew chosen as 2AF Crew of the Month, and later as SAC crew of the month, served as senior Instructor crew commander at ACP; launched a Titan II ICBM, Giant Train, July, 1966. He was a member of SAC Speakers Bureau, speaking to civic organizations and participating in university seminars on Titan II; published articles in Combat Crew magazine,  completed Squadron Officers' School, Command and Staff College, Air War College; received MBA in 1976. He has taught management, finance, accounting and economics courses at colleges in Ohio, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. He worked for state of Florida as Budget Officer, Auditor Supervisor, and Supervisor of Accounting Services in Comptroller's office. John and his wife, JoAnn, parents of 5 children, now live in Hickory, North Carolina. 



Photo c.1974

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